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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The longest 3 1/2 days

           This week has been one of the longest for us, our sweet bailey dean has gone missing.....
  we really didn't think much of it on the first night because he is an outside cat and is always out there doing what cats do best... hunting down chipmunks, wailking his territory for preditors or what ever they are looking for out there..so there was no worry

           As the day went into the stormy night and the next day.. my heart fell into the heartache once
  more..R told me not to worry but i couldn't stop thinking of him maybe this time he got out smarted by one of these preditors that roam in the night, you see bailey has been our friend for 10 years and we plan to grow old together..in this picture he is laying under his favorite tree, it's a peegee hydrangea that keeps him cool all summer long...

             Well 3 1/2 days have passed and surely felt that bailey had met his demise ..he always came back.. and i couldn't stop the tears from rolling down my face. R said don't give up hope my dear
 So off to work i went putting on a happy face.. still in my thoughts was bailey. About 1/2 hour i got into work i recieved a text and to my surprise it said ...guess who just came home...what a feeling that was a great sense relief and joy that our friend...buddy..found his way...


  1. So Glad your sweet kitty came back! I love the pictures of him and the last one is especially dear with the chickens. xx

  2. so glad sweet Bailey came home!!