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Friday, November 16, 2012

As Time Passes

    I haven't been able to write in months,i guess most people call it writers block but for me it has been much more.
    Our heart strings have been pulled to their breaking points,and have had much sorrow flowing through our families. It has taken many months of sole searching and many hours of turning the heartache into beautiful memories.

    As time passes... life goes on and we are all so busy with our busy little lives we begin to realize how much healing has taken place,it is your family,friends or a complete stranger who has helped you along the way with a simple hug,a joke,a smile but in some way it has given you the strength to move on.

    I am ready....to grasp that golden ring one more time, and take all this positive energy that has started to flow and create many beautiful memories to come..



Friday, April 6, 2012

The most wonderful thing is happening.....

    September,1979 was... i believe the most memorable day of my life my son was born and at that moment my whole world changed, it was no longer just me it was me & him. I knew i would never be alone again and that he was the true meaning of unconditional love that filled my heart.

   The years have come and gone..we have had many ups and downs... i've grown up and so has he.. and  i look back and think how fast our lives have past like a blink of an eye, but i hold all my cherished memories deep in my heart for only me and me alone...I couldn't have had a better son he's kind,gentle,smart,funny (he gets that from me) and most of all he is truly genuine and has become a wonderful man & husband,

   Of all my hopes and dreams for him that he would find his place in this world ...he has.. to the most amazing women... his childhood sweetheart and only love... Now as i write this my heart has been bursting with joy...as you see i'm going to be a grandmother...and i can add to my heart the most wonderful memories yet to unfold...Thank-you... now me alone i am complete as a wife,mother,friend,grandmama

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweet Bailey Dean

          One of my last blogs was about my sweet bailey dean that had gone missing, It was called The Longest 3 1/2 Days i thought for sure when he came home all my worries and heartache were over, little did i know they were just beginning.The fun family holidays came and went,a bright New Year to look forward to.Well that bright new year has faded to black and our bailey had fallen deathly sick and passed away 2/21/12 he was a warrior, spartan, ruler of his kingdom, my garden buddy, most of all our friend who continuously loved us unconditionally for 11 wonderful years. We have placed him back in his kingdom next to one of his favorite places The Catnip Garden. Tho we will miss him dearly, he will forever live in our hearts...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Canning N.H. Winter Pears

            Well i finally got to my pears that i picked over a month ago, this pear sauce is amazing you can use it with pork, chicken, make dipping sauce which is great with coconut shrimp just add a little spicy mustard. The process is rather simple, this batch is a 5 gallon bucket it makes 7 jars i did 2 quart 5 pints seems like alot of work but it's worth it. Peel and cut all off to the core into a large pot.

            Put it on the stove on  low, add 2 cups of oj about 1 cup brown sugar you can use regular sugar i just chose to use brown and simmer simmer till it all breaks down into sauce ( just a little hint the smaller the pieces the easier it breaks down) you could use your food processor to chop the pieces small..In the mean time you can get your jars ready they need to be cleaned and sterilized, what i do is just get the water going in my canning pots and place the jars in canning rack so they are nice and hot. You don't want to rush the simmering process keep checking on it...

          Now that it's done you need to ladle your sauce into your jars make sure very important that rims are wiped clean... and lids and rings are in boiling hot water,make sure you keep 1 inch space at the top, seal jars place back into rack when water is boiling submerge cover and process for about 10 minutes..pull them out and set aside for 24 hours to cool.

           Any kind of canning takes time and patience...  i have both..i love the simplicity of it, this was the way for many of our ancestors to provide food for their families  all year long for them..gardening and livestock was so important..it was to survive.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

The longest 3 1/2 days

           This week has been one of the longest for us, our sweet bailey dean has gone missing.....
  we really didn't think much of it on the first night because he is an outside cat and is always out there doing what cats do best... hunting down chipmunks, wailking his territory for preditors or what ever they are looking for out there..so there was no worry

           As the day went into the stormy night and the next day.. my heart fell into the heartache once
  more..R told me not to worry but i couldn't stop thinking of him maybe this time he got out smarted by one of these preditors that roam in the night, you see bailey has been our friend for 10 years and we plan to grow old together..in this picture he is laying under his favorite tree, it's a peegee hydrangea that keeps him cool all summer long...

             Well 3 1/2 days have passed and surely felt that bailey had met his demise ..he always came back.. and i couldn't stop the tears from rolling down my face. R said don't give up hope my dear
 So off to work i went putting on a happy face.. still in my thoughts was bailey. About 1/2 hour i got into work i recieved a text and to my surprise it said ...guess who just came home...what a feeling that was a great sense relief and joy that our friend...buddy..found his way...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday Bloody Sunday

                               Since i'm a bartender i thought i could share so yummy drinks
 Sundays are our Bloody Mary mornings.We like to sit back talk about the day and the week that lies
                        ahead of us,sharing all the tasks that we would like to do and complete

                                                                     "Bloody Mary"
                                                                     1 1/2 oz Vodka
                                                      Tomato Juice or Motts Garden Blend
                                                           Worchestshire - Dash Hot Sauce
                                                               Wedge of Lemom - Lime
                                                                         Salt - Pepper
                  I'm not much on measurements it's all to your taste.I always squeeze in extra lemon
                                            I hope you give it a try....And have a happy sunday


Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Gift

I think all of us through our lives are always searching to find.. to feel..to need.. that certain peace of mind body and soul. To release our fears we all hold deep inside..all my life i have had all of these and have over come many but some have always stayed tucked away deep within. I think we all have this uneasy feeling that we just can't pin point but it's there.Over the past few years i have lost loved ones..  the heartache and sorrow has made me look inside and go through each path that i have chosen through all the years of my life and the one thing that keeps comming back to me is that uneasy feeling within..I know now.. it's truely feeling the peace that comforts the mind body and soul.The recent loss of my loving.. caring.. always giving.. brother in-law Artie.. his last breathe.. he had given me the most precious gift ...Peace within.. and all my fears have seem to have faded to black
and now this beautiful ray of light shines ..I will hold this gift close to my heart for the rest of my days ..R.I.P. i will miss you