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Friday, April 6, 2012

The most wonderful thing is happening.....

    September,1979 was... i believe the most memorable day of my life my son was born and at that moment my whole world changed, it was no longer just me it was me & him. I knew i would never be alone again and that he was the true meaning of unconditional love that filled my heart.

   The years have come and gone..we have had many ups and downs... i've grown up and so has he.. and  i look back and think how fast our lives have past like a blink of an eye, but i hold all my cherished memories deep in my heart for only me and me alone...I couldn't have had a better son he's kind,gentle,smart,funny (he gets that from me) and most of all he is truly genuine and has become a wonderful man & husband,

   Of all my hopes and dreams for him that he would find his place in this world ...he has.. to the most amazing women... his childhood sweetheart and only love... Now as i write this my heart has been bursting with joy...as you see i'm going to be a grandmother...and i can add to my heart the most wonderful memories yet to unfold...Thank-you... now me alone i am complete as a wife,mother,friend,grandmama