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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Canning N.H. Winter Pears

            Well i finally got to my pears that i picked over a month ago, this pear sauce is amazing you can use it with pork, chicken, make dipping sauce which is great with coconut shrimp just add a little spicy mustard. The process is rather simple, this batch is a 5 gallon bucket it makes 7 jars i did 2 quart 5 pints seems like alot of work but it's worth it. Peel and cut all off to the core into a large pot.

            Put it on the stove on  low, add 2 cups of oj about 1 cup brown sugar you can use regular sugar i just chose to use brown and simmer simmer till it all breaks down into sauce ( just a little hint the smaller the pieces the easier it breaks down) you could use your food processor to chop the pieces small..In the mean time you can get your jars ready they need to be cleaned and sterilized, what i do is just get the water going in my canning pots and place the jars in canning rack so they are nice and hot. You don't want to rush the simmering process keep checking on it...

          Now that it's done you need to ladle your sauce into your jars make sure very important that rims are wiped clean... and lids and rings are in boiling hot water,make sure you keep 1 inch space at the top, seal jars place back into rack when water is boiling submerge cover and process for about 10 minutes..pull them out and set aside for 24 hours to cool.

           Any kind of canning takes time and patience...  i have both..i love the simplicity of it, this was the way for many of our ancestors to provide food for their families  all year long for them..gardening and livestock was so important..it was to survive.



  1. Mmmm, this looks so delicious and having your step by step directions makes me think I might be able to actually do it myself! Have never canned before, but always wanted to. Thank you, Sis, I feel like I am in your kitchen with you, wish I was! xxx

  2. thanks karen canning simple had more pics but could not get the blog to look right i have 10 more gallons of pears think i'll halve them in a light syrup...somedaay we will be together and we will can together how fun...love you thanks for reading your the only one.